Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Black Uterus

The Black Uterus was born in the early 1970's, in the nascent revolutionary cauldron of the Women's Movement. The Black Uterus emerged from the revolutionary power symbol of the 1960's, sisterhood is powerful, black power, the uprising of the oppressed. This powerful symbol of female energy was conceived in the fertile imaginations of Canada's creative West Coast women who cultivated their female energy as they prowled the night in the cities, towns and countryside, leaving graffiti on the walls of their beloved East Side, illuminating the turn of the millenium with the power of The Black Uterus. When darkness begins to press them, they look into the night sky, and the silhouette of the Black Uterus appears in an orb, calling the women to gather as if they are a storm of brilliant energy.

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island mamma said...

Brilliant, I must learn more. I will check in often...:o)