Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Self Portrait

Recently I was "unfriended" on Facebook, the reason being that allegedly, I am "mocking black women" with my cartoons and caricatures.  The person who "unfriended" me said she didn't like seeing the images that kept appearing from my Facebook page, and took them to be "mocking black women".  I suppose, because I am not "black", she had decided I am not allowed to make any commentary that might be construed as "mocking black women".  Well, she said, she realized "art is art", however, apparently, from her view, I had gone too far...thus, it seems that "art is art" but needs to be censored when the "wrong" people say things that one can only supposed the "right" people are allowed to say.  Then she said, in her closing email to me on Facebook, that she would remain "unfriended" with me, until we had time to "talk".  I suppose that meant that, after I had duly gone and received my lecture in political correctness, and perhaps, oh joy, permission to make cartoons that might APPEAR to be "mocking black women", then, and only then, would she "befriend" me again.
Ha! So you think that  my first reaction was to feel badly, to want immediately to rush over and apologize for making inappropriate and offensive  drawings?  Well, no, exactly I had thought this does not even deserve an acknowledgement of a "return" email.  "Unfriend" me if you wish, oh, Art Police, for, in fact you have been so very wrong, revealing your most racist prejudice yourself, your assumption belies your own deeply seated racist outlook.  And here is why:  you see, after receiving this unusual Facebook email, I thought, oh, I wonder what she is talking about?  I ran my memory over the pictures that had recently been my profile on facebook, and thought, I wonder which one she was referring to?  And then, Oh Yes, I remembered, it is probably THAT one, the one I call "Big Tat", here it is:

Oh, of course, naturally she would jump to the conclusion that I am "mocking black women", since in her racist book, only if I were a "black woman" would I be able validly to be allowed to speculate thusly with my pen and ink.  Yes, perhaps someone might be thinking, that is "mocking black women" because someone might also be stuck with stereotypical thinking on that subject.
But, you know, if she (the "unfriender") knew anything about it at all, and didn't have knee-jerk, racist attitudes herself, then she would understand that this is a SELF-PORTRAIT!  Oh, yes, I forget, the Politically Correct Woman "Of Colour" can dismiss my self-portrait without question or inquiry into how this picture might have come about, because The Politically Correct Woman Of Colour is much higher on her pecking order of whose opinion is valid, and whose is not.  Because this "critic" sees me as being "white" (compared to her measuring paper that classifies people accordingly?) therefore she has seen the picture and jumped (incorrectly) to the conclusion that what I am doing is "mocking black women".  I am a sinner by virtue of the accident of my birth...and who is the racist?
I will not elevate the critism "mocking black women" with any kind of explanation as to how this self-portrait came about (although, I may sometime in the future, put in this blog the story out of which my self portrait came.  I will keep you posted).  Nor will I validate such claptrap criticism with any kind of justification for the drawing, for no such justification is necessary.  All I can say to this PC Censor is "YOU figure out why your comment is so much claptrap, and YOU figure out how and why this is indeed a self portrait!"  How dare you call my self portrait "Mocking Black Women".  You are a fool!  A racist fool at that...oh, wait just a minute, you're a "black" woman, so how could YOU possibly have a racist attitude, especially about "black" women.  Ha ha ha, you figure that one out, too!